Inspiring happiness through natural ingredients, mindfulness + meditation

It all began over a cup of tea and a chat with with friends; and a clear desire to create an honest brand. We are passionate about tea but we also feel strongly about good health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Combining these features together was the natural thing to do. Our aim is to inspire happiness through natural ingredients, mindfulness and meditation in the most transparent and honest way possible. We believe this combination can not only help you cope with the stresses of everyday life, but feel happy and healthy everyday.


Products of the earth

We use only the best quality, natural ingredients that are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers and hand blended + packed in the UK. We believe in purchasing from estates that strive to produce the very best quality and as such will get a proper premium for their teas, of which a percentage will go back into the health and welfare of their employees. Therefore if we pay more for our ingredients, more money goes back. Extensive research, experience and time has been given to ensure specific health needs have been addressed with each blend. With so much time and effort put into sourcing these unique infusions and phenomenal herbs, we made sure the tea bag was also the best it could be. Our tea bags are made from biodegradable corn starch - they are friendly to the environment and fully compostable. We genuinely believe we have got the best combined features with our teas but welcome any feedback you might have for us.


Deliberately paying attention in the present moment to your thoughts and feelings, without judgement

We have created a brand that lives by one core principle: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a form of meditation which when practised can:

- Reduce stress + anxiety

- Lessen rumination + habitual thought patterns

- Raise focus + creativity

- Improve relationships + emotional reactivity

- Enhance sleep

- Boost memory

- Experience greater happiness through enhanced engagement

We aim to bring you supportive advice, information and inspiration from the mindfulness community, including personal stories on our blog and further meditation tips.


Tea provides you with the opportunity to unwind and take a break

Herbal tea or more accurately 'tisane' is an infusion of ingredients that you can drink. Drinking natural herbal tea has powerful health-promoting properties and can maintain hydration. Being mindful of what you drink, as well as what you eat, can improve your wellbeing AND make you feel good. The social element of having a cup of tea is an integral part of our culture; it can be used as an excuse for a get-to-together or in times of comfort. However one of the most important times we drink tea is when we need a break, a chance to unwind, take time out, have some 'me time'. This is the time we encourage you to practise being mindful and truly be in the present.


To protect and improve the quality of our environment

Our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our outer packaging is printed on recycled stock and we purposely chose a single sleeve design to minimise waste - even our stamps are made from recycled water bottles.


To collectively inspire happiness, fuel the body with good nutrition and fill the mind with things that matter

We believe its time for change. Most of us are over worked, sleep deprived, stressed out and struggle to juggle life's demands. If we can consciously try and improve our physical + emotional health and focus on what matters, we will be better equipped to pass this knowledge onto our friends, family and the next generation.


We welcome feedback

We try to be mindful & honest in all we do. We want to provide you with products that are ethical and help everyone involved. We only sell you products that we are passionate about and love ourselves. We welcome feedback and genuinely care about what you have to say.


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