Mindfulness + Technology

For many of us, technology has taken control of our lives. We wake up in the morning, we check our phones, we get to work and are potentially in front of a computer screen for hours, we get home and put the TV on. Once we are in bed, we are back on our phones. We live in an age where this is the case for most people. But we do not realise how damaging this can be, in many ways. It can affect our relationships, our connections to reality, and our brain functionality. Whilst we are engrossed in a programme or the latest news feed, we are increasingly numb to how we are actually feeling in ourselves or how others around us might be feeling.

To help promote mindfulness you could try a digital detox. Instead of watching TV at teatime, you could opt to take your dinner out in the garden, and have a conversation with your spouse or children. This interaction will help to develop and nourish your relationships, helping you to feel more connected. You may find that this enables you to clear your thoughts from the day, helping to alleviate any feelings of stress.

Instead of a night in front of the TV with your partner, you could try taking a walk together. This break from your usual routine can be refreshing to both you and your partner, and you can use this valuable time together to unwind from the day, listen to each other and take in the world around you. By interacting together you are developing your connection and forming a stronger bond, which in turn can help to improve your mental wellbeing.


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