A common way of practicing mindfulness is to concentrate on our breathing. By encouraging our brains to focus on one thing, we are consciously putting other thoughts aside. Try taking a moment to put your phone aside, switching the television off and simply paying attention to yourself inhaling and exhaling. This may sound an insignificant task to do, but the benefits of this act can be unlimited. Try to eliminate all other thoughts your brain might conjure and let your mind centre on the sound and feel of your breathing.


Another method of practicing mindfulness is to pay attention to our senses. Think about the taste and feel of foods you try throughout the day, notice different smells of ingredients you use whilst cooking dinner, appreciate the sight and sounds of nature around you. This will help you to appreciate what is around you, rather than focusing all your energy on the stresses of life that inevitably take over.

By practicing these techniques and bringing them into a regular routine, we can learn to be present in our lives, rather than watching them pass us by. This can lead to feeling more focused and in control of our emotions, allowing us to make better decisions, form stronger connections and feel more fulfilled in our lives.


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