What is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice which is made from the seeds of several Indian plants. There are two types of Cardamom; Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom. Green Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intense fragrance. Black cardamom has a more smokey aroma, with a refreshing element, similar to mint. Green cardamom is best stored in pod form because once the seeds are exposed or ground, they quickly lose their flavour. They are recognised by their small seed pods, triangular in cross-section and spindle-shaped, with a thin, papery outer shell and small black seeds.

Treatments + Benefits

Cardamom can be very beneficial to your health, some of the treatments you could use it for are;

• Bad breath; Some of the properties in Cardamom are aids for bad breath and it has been used in various chewing gum products.

• Bowel movement; Cardamom can be an effective aid in releasing toxins and it quickly increases bowel movement.

Components of Cardamom

• It contains C9H9NO and the compound DIM (3,3’ -diindolylmethane) which are know to be some of the compounds that may help to fight some cancers.

Preparing + using Cardamom

• Both forms of cardamom are used as flavourings and cooking spices in food and drink, and it can also be used in medicine.

• Cardamom is a common ingredient in Indian cooking and is also used in Finland and Sweden in baking.

• Green cardamom powder is used as a spice for sweet dishes in Middle Eastern countries, as well as traditional flavouring in coffee and tea.

• Individual seeds are sometimes chewed to the same effect as chewing gum. It’s properties are known to neutralise breath odours.

• Cardamom is also an ingredient in herbal teas and in gin.

• You can also enjoy Cardamom in ice cream, although during freezing it does lose some of its health benefits.



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